Neurosurgical Specialists
Neurosurgical Specialists

The field of neurosurgery and technology related to spine and brain surgery has experienced unparalleled growth in the last decade.  Every year brings not only new products but indeed new technologies for the treatment of neurological (spine, brain, and nerve) disease and the pace of this development increases year after year. 

It is important to realize that each one of these procedures is in essence just a tool.   As with all tools,  a given procedure may not be applicable or advisable for all conditions.   This is true no matter how attractive the procedure sounds (i.e.- minimally invasive techniques).   Each patient is an individual and at Neurosurgical Specialists we tailor the treatment of each patient to his or her particular needs.  Factors which influence treatment are specific problem or disease, general medical condition, and specific goals.


Listed below are just a few of the exciting new technologies and procedures that we are proud to offer.  Please double click on the highlighted text  for more information.



  • the use of bone and tissue alternatives to enhance healing and minimize pain


Robotic Digital Microscope for Brain Surgery

Awake Brain Surgery

Diffision Tensor Imaging (DTI) for Brain Surgery

Robotic Spine Surgery


Intraoperative Image Guidance


  • the use of computers and imaging to enhance the accuracy and safety of surgery


Minimally Invasive Techniques

Motion Preservation

  • Arthroplasty or disc replacement

Stereotactic Radiosurgery







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